What’s New in the Next Minecraft 1.9 Update?

Mojang, the company that lets people play Minecraft for free online, has worked hard for the new Minecraft 1.9 update. It took a long time but it will be here eventually and players already love what it will bring. There is a lot of cool new stuff and you have plenty of new mobs to discover and defeat. Check out this video for more information:

Here is a list of some of the major updates that every player should know.

  • New Mobs: Mobs received a major upgrade in this new update of the game. There are three new types i.e. guardian, rabbit and endermite. The guardian looks like a fish and attacks players using a laser beam. Rabbits will appear rarely and they will occasionally spawn as hostile. Endermites is silverfish-like mob that spawns near Endermen teleports.
  • Existing Mobs: Existing mobs have also gone through major upgrade. For example, villagers farm their own crops now and have some additional professions. If a villager is hit by lightning, it turns into a witch. Other mobs that have undergone an upgrade are wolves, skeletons, slimes, spiders, blazes and creepers.
  • New Blocks: There are six new blocks in this new Minecraft update. The new blocks are granite, andesite, diorite, prismarine, sea lantern and sponge. Granite, adesite and diorite look much like colored stones. You will find them underground. Prismarine and sea lanterns are found in ocean. Sponge can be found in survival mode now and it can be used for removing water by soaking it.
  • New Items: There are various new items in this Minecraft update. There is an iron trapdoor that can only be opened with a redstone. Sheep in the game can now be turned into mutton now and there is rabbit hide that can be created from bunny leather. You can also find rabbit’s foot, a new kind of a potion ingredient that you get by killing rabbits. There are also decorative flags that can be customized. You will also find armor stands in the game now. Use these stands to display armor and mob heads. You can also put pumpkins on these stands.
  • Existing Items: This new update also upgrades various existing Minecraft items such as fences, buttons and doors. Fences can now be made from any type of wood where as buttons can be placed on the ceiling as well as ground. Players can now stack doors in the inventory for later use. This new Minecraft update has also introduced new types of doors.
  • Changes in Structure: The new update has also made changes to the existing game structure such as desert temples and ocean monument. The color of wool has changed from orange to stained clay in desert temples whereas ocean monument is a new structure built from prismarine blocks under the water. Guardian mob actively guards this place. To get to this new structure, you will need to kill the guardian mob. This mob shoots a laser from its eye.
  • New Commands: In addition to other changes, this new Minecraft update has also introduced a bunch of new commands. You can use these new commands in command blocks or in command line.