How to Save Money on PlayStation Games

For most players, PlayStation offers a long list of great games that are really interesting to play. You can spend hours playing your favorite games at home while admiring the technology used to make the graphics look as real as possible. However, together with these advancements, the price of these popular games is not at all that easy, ranging from $20 up to $60, especially for the newest titles, is not at all cheap.

On the web, lately, you will find some hacks on how you can get free psn codes that can be used just like how PlayStation gift cards work. These codes, when registered on your PlayStation account will reload you virtual wallet that you use for purchasing games, movies and even TV shows from the store.

This program has to be downloaded for you to be able to generate random PSN codes which you have to choose a particular amount that you need, it could be $10, $20 or $50. You will also get the chance to get the $49.99 gift card that you can use to activate your 1 year subscription for PlayStation Plus that will give you access on free games, discounts and other exclusive offers from the PlayStation Network

Beat the Heat in Outdoor Concerts

Concerts are sometimes held indoors while the others are outdoors. Most of the time, outdoor concerts are much cheaper and can accommodate more people than indoors however, there are something that you really have to be mindful about when going to an outdoor concert especially if the performers are very popular like having the Zac Brown Band tour.

First and foremost you have to wear light clothes, the concert may be in the afternoon or evening where the sun doesn’t shine that much but believe me, as soon as the crowd gets in the mood, you will too, and it’s only a matter of a few minutes before you realize you are already jumping and dancing around.

Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes as well, not all outdoor concerts are on concrete cement, some have tiny rocks or sand, a good pair of sneakers or running shoes will be just fine. Also, bring a bag that can accommodate the things that you need such as water, sunglasses, extra shirt maybe. However, your bag shouldn’t be so big that it might get in the way, bring one that you can sling over your body so that you don’t have to hold it all throughout the concert.

Lots of water is what you need when going on an outdoor concert, for rock, country, rnb and even rap artists, they can easily fill a venue with their fans and there are times where in the water vendors are too far from your spot, so have them ready inside your bag too. If the place has too much sun, there are 2 things that you can do, apply sunscreen to your skin and find a shade, if there is.

Also, be at the venue early, this gives you a good amount of tie to find a good spot, other people actually stay there overnight to save the place and you don’t want to end up being at the backmost part of the concert, so make sure you are well prepared.

How Rehab Rescues Substance Abusers from Death

Those who don’t die because of substance abuse, live between plethora of problems and bad choices. Addicts reach a level of mental, emotional or physical damage that is difficult to reserve without help. Getting admitted to a Holistic Recovery Center can be life changing.

Drugs change the way in which the brain functions. Heroin and cocaine can be harmful when taken in large quantities. People overdose and experience anxiety and increased blood pressure. The rehab, helpers make an addicts come clean without overwhelming them. There are drugs like LSD which causes tremendous hallucination and encourage bad decision making. Drugs are inhaled, smokes, snorted or even inserted with syringes (which sometimes cause infections). At a rehab center, people are cleaned of the feeling where they think that all of this is essential to their brain. The pleasure associated with these habits is turned into indifference and then disgust. People with a family history of drug abuse are more vulnerable to danger.

Professionals in a Holistic Recovery Center take people to a zone where all their problems are addressed and worked upon. In any case, everyone is encouraged to face the troubles of life and not opt for a blind numbness which drugs and alcohol provide.

New Shows

MOTOMAN PROJECT, OdAm fEI mUd, and Little Fyodor will blow up Denver… or we’ll just completely annoy you.

Along for the debacle is aerial acrobatics/dance troupe Oracle and bands Yerkish, Artillian Death Sword, and the Ch-Ch-Ch-Churn! Debut of the improved WALKING MACHINE

High volume audio, flamethrowers, jet engines, & high voltage mayhem.
@ Capsule Event Center – 560 Santa Fe Drive – Denver, CO

Remembering Hunter
@ The TAXI Building – Denver, CO
Firing off of the Large Ramjet and Diesel Cannon for the STARZ Denver Film Festival after-hour VIP tribute to legendary Gonzo writer Hunter S. Thompson.

Force Future Presents MOTOMAN PROJECT
@ Andenken Gallery, 2110 Market Street, Denver, CO
An art gallery exhibition of MMP machines along with the sculpture, painting, and mixed media art of MMP members and contributors: Joseph Riché, Eric Dewine, Zach Smith, Bryan Andrews, Dave “Daud” Denny, Stone, Dan Crosier, Chris Munoz, Dan Wiess, and Jeanne Bacqué.