Nemesis: A Wizardry Adventure

Sir-tech return to its roots with a new angle on a  RPG legend.

The people who helped create computer role-playing games return to the world that made them famous-- and it's Wizardry like you've never seen it before

-T. Liam McDonald

Game: Nemesis: A Wizardry Adventure
Developer: Sir-tech
Publisher: Sir-tech, Ogdensburg Business Center, PC
Box 245, Ogdensburg, NY 13669, (315) 393-6633

In a Nutshell:

Combine real-time combat, adventure gaming, and roleplaying, and you have a whole new type of Wizardry game.

What's So Special?

This combination of elements has never really been tried



Ten years have passed, and you return to the place where a proud castle once stood. You remember the day the blackness came and stole t.he life from every being in the keep. You were protected and spirited away as the darkness closed in. The screams of the dying people echo in your ears as you remember the monstrous figure rising above the very walls of your old home, magick crackling from its finger tips. The keep sank into the depths of the earth, never to be seen again. Now you stand at the edge of a huge chasm. At the bottom of the pit lies your home, and you mourn its loss.
Suddenly, a...

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MOTOMAN PROJECT, OdAm fEI mUd, and Little Fyodor will blow up Denver… or we’ll just completely annoy you.

Along for the debacle is aerial acrobatics/dance troupe Oracle and bands Yerkish, Artillian Death Sword, and the Ch-Ch-Ch-Churn! Debut of the improved WALKING MACHINE

High volume audio, flamethrowers, jet engines, & high voltage mayhem.
@ Capsule Event Center – 560 Santa Fe Drive – Denver, CO

Remembering Hunter
@ The TAXI Building – Denver, CO
Firing off of the Large Ramjet and Diesel Cannon for the STARZ Denver Film Festival after-hour VIP tribute to legendary Gonzo writer Hunter S. Th